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When you’ve worked hard to achieve your best financial future, you should feel confident that your assets will be transferred how you intended.

Our approach

Estate Planning is not just about having a Will. To ensure that your assets are transferred tax-effectively and to the right people, you need a plan with foresight. This plan should cater not just for death, but also loss of capacity or total disablement.

Gallagher works with a team of specialists to manage the complexities of estate planning and help you identify and overcome potential problems in the handling of your estate.

We help you by

  • Taking the time to really understand what’s important to you and your family
  • Providing an Estate Health Plan ‘check-up’
  • Facilitating a solution by working with you and an appropriately qualified solicitor
  • Tailoring personal insurance options to provide financial security for your loved ones
  • Ensuring superannuation nominations are clear and well-structured to minimise potential tax liabilities; and
  • Offering a full review of existing estate plans.

“Having young children and not having an Estate Plan in place was keeping me awake at night.  Blueleaf helped me structure an appropriate Estate Plan which guarantees my children’s future.  I would be happy to recommend their service to anyone who needs advice in this area.”


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